This year in review

This was a very good year for me professionally. Lots of memorable moments.

First, I went to my first WWDC this year (thanks to Movile). I had a great time there and learnt a lot. I really hope I can go to the next one (how long will the tickets last?).

Another great highlight for me was that I finally released my first personal app: Onde Passa?. It’s very focused on the Brazilian market and it’s been a good experiment to learn more about the market (things like ASO, monetization, etc). It’s been even feature on the home of, the major communication channel in Brazil.

Back to my daily job, PlayKids got a lot of love this year. We’ve expanded to other countries (such as USA and England) and we’ve been making appearances in the press (even TechCrunch). Also, Apple nominated our app as “Editor Choice” and as a “Runner-up” for “App of the Year” in the Brazilian App Store.

Talking about Brazil, I was also one of the responsible for an event for iOS developers - the first one to talk about iOS 7 in Brazil.

We organized it because there aren’t regular events about iOS in Brazil (like US has CocoaConf, 360i,…) and we thought that more people thought like that.

The tickets were sold faster than we thought and we now have an answer for the question that we’re asking ourselves: “Are there enough iOS developers interested in this kind of event in Brazil?”. The answer is YES.

There are some information about how the event was on MacMagazine (in Portuguese).

Now it’s our job to keep it running and create a tradition!

Finally, I’ve written two articles for 25 iOS App Performance Tips & Tricks and Easily Overlooked New Features in iOS 7. They were both well received by the readers and the first one was even featured on iOS Dev Weekly #88!

Let’s see what is coming in 2014. One thing is sure: I’m getting a Google Glass. I wonder how much I’ll suffer to develop something for it ;)

Busy month

What a busy month! I went to WWDC, where I had a great time thanks to Apple and Movile for sending me there. Lots of cool stuff, learning, and walking! I hope to attend WWDC next year again.

There I met some amazing people, such as Mattt (from NSHipster/AFNetworking/Helios/etc), Eloy (creator of CocoaPods), and even some other Brazilian folks.

While I was in San Francisco, motivated by the amazing energy on Moscone, I submitted my first personal app. It’s called Onde Passa? and lists which channel(s) will broadcast soccer games. It’s available worldwide, free and iOS 6+. However, you may not find it useful if you aren’t Brazilian. You can click here to download it.

Since then, it was approved and even featured on MacMagazine, one of the largest Brazilian sites about Apple. Thanks to that, “Onde Passa?” reached 3rd place on free sports category.

Coming back to Brazil, I had a lot of finals on college, but also a lot of stuff going on with PlayKids TV at Movile. We finally released a version with American content and the app was featured on TechCrunch.

PlayKids TV was also featured on the Brazilian App Store, which makes us really happy! (:

Let’s hope the things continue going so greatly and keep working hard!


I’m a huge fan of CocoaPods. It really improves my workflow when dealing with external libraries.

The only thing that I don’t like very much is the need of doing open MyApp.xcworkspace whenever I need to open the project. Luckly, I’ve found on the web a small ruby script that opens the first .xcworkspace found on the current folder, or the first .xcodeproj found (if no workspace was found).

Just copy it to /usr/local/bin and make it executable using chmod 777 xopen.

I hope it helps you as much as it helps me everyday. (:

25 iOS App Performance Tips & Tricks

This week my latest article on Ray Wendelich’s blog was published. It’s called 25 iOS App Performance Tips & Tricks and it’s been a great success so far! It’s been widely shared on Twitter and is the second article I’ve written (of three!) to be featured on iOS Dev Weekly (BTW, a great way to keep informed about iOS). The other article that was featured is Top 10 Most Useful iOS Libraries to Know and Love. Maybe Dave likes top lists (:

Here’s the list of tips and tricks on the article:




Be sure to read the full article!

Freelancing 101

I’m currently finishing my first freelance work. It started on late December and I’ve been working on it on my very little free time and on weekends. I guess it’s been a valid experience because I was on college vacation when it’s started. Also, I enjoy a lot being able to understand a client problem and try to figure out the best way to give him what he needs (it’s generally is not what he wants).

The app is an iPad learning game for students learning basic English. The client is a languages school based here in Brazil, with 420 units on the country and 180.000 students/year. The app is available on the App Store for free. If you want to check it out, it’s called Yázigi App.

PS: The current version on AppStore is not the final version. At the time of writing, there’s 10 available minigames of 30.

PlayKids TV

This week the first version of PlayKids TV was approved on the App Store! I worked on it for the last 2 or 3 months at Movile and it’s great the feeling to ship it.

PlayKids TV is a subscription video service for kids from 0 to 5 years old, with a great tested user interface for your children. It’s only available on the Brazilian App Store for now.


I’ve configured Octopress on this site, so it’ll be easier to update it. Thus, I intend to post more frequently. Let’s see how it turns out.